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Functional Doctor - Carlshend, MI (Marquette County)

Functional Doctor - Functional doctors focus on treating the root cause of a patient's health concerns rather than just addressing symptoms.

By addressing the root cause of health issues, functional doctors can help patients achieve better overall health and prevent chronic diseases.

Functional doctors focus on treating the root cause of a patient's health concerns rather than just addressing symptoms.

Functional doctors often use natural remedies and lifestyle modifications to treat health issues, which can reduce the need for prescription medications.

Functional doctors typically spend more time with patients during appointments, allowing for a more thorough evaluation and discussion of treatment options.

Some benefits of seeing a functional doctor are personalized treatment plans, improved overall health, reduced reliance on medications, longer appointments, a collaborative approach, and preventative care.

Functional doctors take a holistic approach to healthcare and create personalized treatment plans for each patient based on their unique needs and lifestyle.

Functional doctors often work with other healthcare providers, including nutritionists and physical therapists, to provide comprehensive care.

Functional doctors focus on preventing health issues before they arise, which can lead to better long-term health outcomes.

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(Marquette County)Hell, MI (Livingston County)Helmer, MI (Luce County)Helps, MI (Menominee County)Hermansville, MI (Menominee County)Herrick, MI (Isabella County)Herrington, MI (Ottawa County)Hersey, MI (Osceola County)Hesperia, MI (Oceana County)Hessel, MI (Mackinac County)Hetherton, MI (Otsego County)Hiawatha Location, MI (Iron County)Hickory Ridge, MI (Oakland County)Highland, MI (Oakland County)Hillcrest Orchard, MI (Monroe County)Hillman, MI (Montmorency County)Holland, MI (Ottawa County)Holloway, MI (Lenawee County)Holly, MI (Oakland County)Holton, MI (Muskegon County)Homeier, MI (Marquette County)Homer Location, MI (Iron County)Hope, MI (Midland County)Horr, MI (Isabella County)Horton, MI (Jackson County)Houle, MI (Menominee County)Houseman, MI (Kalkaska County)Howard City, MI (Montcalm County)Howell, MI (Livingston County)Howlandsburg, MI (Kalamazoo County)Huber, MI (Newaygo County)Hudson, MI (Lenawee County)Hudsonville, MI (Ottawa County)Humboldt, MI (Marquette County)Humboldt Mine, MI (Marquette County)Humphrey, MI (Manistee County)Hunters Creek, MI (Lapeer County)Huntington Woods, MI (Oakland County)Huntspur, MI (Mackinac County)Huron Mountain, MI (Marquette County)Ida, MI (Monroe County)Ida Center, MI (Monroe County)Idlewild, MI (Lake County)Imlay City, MI (Lapeer County)Ina, MI (Osceola County)Ingalls, MI (Menominee County)Ingallston, MI (Menominee County)Iron River, MI (Iron County)Irons, MI (Lake County)Isadore, MI (Leelanau County)Ishpeming, MI (Marquette County)Jackson, MI (Jackson County)Jamestown, MI (Ottawa County)Jasper, MI (Lenawee County)Jefferson, MI (Jackson County)Jenison, MI (Ottawa County)Jennings, MI (Missaukee County)Johannesburg, MI (Otsego County)Jordan, MI (Isabella County)Jossman Acres, MI (Oakland County)Jugville, MI (Newaygo County)K. I. Sawyer, MI (Marquette County)Kaiserville, MI (Livingston County)Kalamazoo, MI (Kalamazoo County)Kaleva, MI (Manistee County)Kalkaska, MI (Kalkaska County)Keego Harbor, MI (Oakland County)Kells, MI (Menominee County)Kenneth, MI (Mackinac County)Kent City, MI (Kent County)Kentwood, MI (Kent County)Kerr Hill, MI (Lapeer County)Keswick, MI (Leelanau County)Kew, MI (Menominee County)Kiernan, MI (Iron County)Kimball Location, MI (Iron County)Kings Mill, MI (Lapeer County)Kneeland, MI (Oscoda County)Koss, MI (Menominee County)La Salle, MI (Monroe County)LaBranche, MI (Menominee County)Labarge, MI (Kent County)Lac La Belle, MI (Keweenaw County)Lake Angelus, MI (Oakland County)Lake City, MI (Missaukee County)Lake Gogebic, MI (Ontonagon County)Lake Isabella, MI (Isabella County)Lake Leelanau, MI (Leelanau County)Lake Mine, MI (Ontonagon County)Lake Orion, MI (Oakland County)Lake Orion Heights, MI (Oakland County)Lakeland, MI (Livingston County)Lakeside, MI (Macomb County)Laketon, MI (Luce 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County)London, MI (Monroe County)Longrie, MI (Menominee County)Loomis, MI (Isabella County)Lottivue, MI (Macomb County)Lowell, MI (Kent County)Lucas, MI (Missaukee County)Ludington, MI (Mason County)Lulu, MI (Monroe County)Lum, MI (Lapeer County)Luna Pier, MI (Monroe County)Lupton, MI (Ogemaw County)Luther, MI (Lake County)Luzerne, MI (Oscoda County)Macatawa, MI (Ottawa County)Mackinac Island, MI (Mackinac County)Macomb, MI (Macomb County)Macon, MI (Lenawee County)Madison Center, MI (Lenawee County)Madison Heights, MI (Oakland County)Malcolm, MI (Manistee County)Mandan, MI (Keweenaw County)Mangum, MI (Marquette County)Manistee, MI (Manistee County)Manistee Lake, MI (Kalkaska County)Manitou Beach, MI (Lenawee County)Manitou Beach-Devils Lake, MI (Lenawee County)Mansfield Location, MI (Iron County)Maple City, MI (Leelanau County)Mapleton, MI (Iron County)Marilla, MI (Manistee County)Marion, MI (Osceola County)Marks, MI (Luce County)Marlborough, MI (Lake County)Marne, MI (Ottawa County)Marquette, MI (Marquette County)Martins Landing, MI (Marquette County)Mass City, MI (Ontonagon County)Mastodon, MI (Iron County)Matchwood, MI (Ontonagon County)Maybee, MI (Monroe County)McBain, MI (Missaukee County)McBride, MI (Montcalm County)McCords, MI (Kent County)McFarland, MI (Marquette County)McKeever, MI (Ontonagon County)McKinley, MI (Oscoda County)McMillan, MI (Luce County)Meade, MI (Macomb County)Mears, MI (Oceana County)Mecosta, MI (Mecosta County)Medina, MI (Lenawee County)Memphis, MI (Macomb County)Menominee, MI (Menominee County)Merritt, MI (Missaukee County)Merriweather, MI (Ontonagon County)Metamora, MI (Lapeer County)Michigamme, MI (Marquette County)Michigan Center, MI (Jackson County)Michillinda, MI (Muskegon County)Midland, MI (Midland County)Midland Park, MI (Kalamazoo County)Milan, MI (Monroe County)Milford, MI (Oakland County)Millbrook, MI (Isabella County)Millecoquins, MI (Mackinac County)Millers Lake, MI (Lapeer County)Millerton, MI (Mason County)Milton, MI (Macomb County)Minards Mill, MI (Jackson County)Mio, MI (Oscoda County)Moddersville, MI (Missaukee County)Mohawk, MI (Keweenaw County)Monongahela Location, MI (Iron County)Monroe, MI (Monroe County)Montague, MI (Muskegon County)Moorestown, MI (Missaukee County)Moorland, MI (Muskegon County)Moran, MI (Mackinac County)Morenci, MI (Lenawee County)Morey, MI (Missaukee County)Morley, MI (Mecosta County)Moseley, MI (Kent County)Mount Clemens, MI (Macomb County)Mount Pleasant, MI (Isabella County)Mount Vernon, MI (Macomb County)Mulberry, MI (Lenawee County)Munith, MI (Jackson County)Munson, MI (Lenawee County)Muskegon, MI (Muskegon County)Muskegon Heights, MI (Muskegon County)Muttonville, MI (Macomb County)Nadeau, MI (Menominee County)Napoleon, MI (Jackson County)Natalie, MI (Luce County)Nathan, MI (Menominee County)National Mine, MI (Marquette County)Naubinway, MI (Mackinac County)Naults, MI (Iron County)Negaunee, MI (Marquette County)Nepco Camp Number 7, MI (Keweenaw County)New Baltimore, MI (Macomb County)New Bristol Location, MI (Iron County)New Dalton, MI (Marquette County)New Era, MI (Oceana County)New Haven, MI (Macomb County)New Holland, MI (Ottawa County)New Hudson, MI (Oakland County)New Swanzy, MI (Marquette County)Newark, MI (Oakland County)Newaygo, MI (Newaygo County)Newberry, MI (Luce County)Newburg, MI (Lenawee County)Newland, MI (Manistee County)Newport, MI (Monroe County)Nicholson, MI (Livingston County)Nirvana, MI (Lake County)Nonesuch, MI (Ontonagon County)Noordeloos, MI (Ottawa County)North Blendon, MI (Ottawa County)North Bradley, MI (Midland County)North Branch, MI (Lapeer County)North Byron, MI (Kent County)North Dorr, MI (Kent County)North Epworth, MI (Mason County)North Lake, MI (Marquette County)North Manitou, MI (Leelanau County)North Morenci, MI (Lenawee County)North Muskegon, MI (Muskegon County)North Paynesville, MI (Ontonagon County)North Shores, MI (Monroe County)Northland, MI (Marquette County)Northport, MI (Leelanau County)Northview, MI (Kent County)Northwood, MI (Kalamazoo County)Norton Shores, MI (Muskegon County)Norvell, MI (Jackson County)Norwalk, MI (Manistee County)Novi, MI (Oakland County)Nunica, MI (Ottawa County)O’Neil, MI (Kalkaska County)Oak Grove, MI (Otsego County)Oak Hill, MI (Manistee County)Oak Park, MI (Oakland County)Oak Point, MI (Jackson County)Oak Shade Park, MI (Lenawee County)Oakley Park, MI (Oakland County)Oakville, MI (Monroe County)Oakwood, MI (Oakland County)Odgers Location, MI (Iron County)Ogden, MI (Lenawee County)Ogden Center, MI (Lenawee County)Ogemaw Springs, MI (Ogemaw County)Oil City, MI (Midland County)Ojibway, MI (Keweenaw County)Oldport, MI (Monroe County)Olivers, MI (Lake County)Olson, MI (Midland County)Omena, MI (Leelanau County)Onekama, MI (Manistee County)Onsted, MI (Lenawee County)Ontonagon, MI (Ontonagon County)Orchard Lake Village, MI (Oakland County)Ortonville, MI (Oakland County)Oshtemo, MI (Kalamazoo County)Otsego Lake, MI (Otsego County)Ottawa, MI (Monroe County)Otter Lake, MI (Lapeer County)Oxbow Park, MI (Newaygo County)Oxford, MI (Oakland County)Ozark, MI (Mackinac County)Palestine, MI (Menominee County)Palmer, MI (Marquette County)Palmyra, MI (Lenawee County)Panola, MI (Iron County)Parchment, MI (Kalamazoo County)Paris, MI (Mecosta County)Parishfield, MI (Livingston County)Park Lake, MI (Osceola County)Parkdale, MI (Manistee County)Parma, MI (Jackson County)Parnell, MI (Kent County)Parshallville, MI (Livingston County)Patrick Landing, MI (Mackinac County)Patterson Gardens, MI (Monroe County)Paulding, MI (Ontonagon County)Pavilion, MI (Kalamazoo County)Pavillion Center, MI (Kalamazoo County)Paynesville, MI (Ontonagon County)Peacock, MI (Lake County)Pearll City, MI (Otsego County)Pentoga, MI (Iron County)Pentwater, MI (Oceana County)Perronville, MI (Menominee County)Perry Lake Heights, MI (Oakland County)Peshawbestown, MI (Leelanau County)Petersburg, MI (Monroe County)Pettysville, MI (Livingston County)Phoenix, MI (Keweenaw County)Pickford, MI (Mackinac County)Pierport, MI (Manistee County)Pierson, MI (Montcalm County)Pinckney, MI (Livingston County)Pine Grove Beach, MI (Lake County)Piney Ridge, MI (Mason County)Pioneer, MI (Missaukee County)Pisgah Heights, MI (Osceola County)Plainfield, MI (Livingston County)Plains, MI (Marquette County)Pleasant Lake, MI (Jackson County)Pleasant Ridge, MI (Oakland County)Pogy, MI (Mecosta County)Point Lakeview, MI (Macomb County)Pointe Aux Pins, MI (Mackinac County)Pomeroy, MI (Kalamazoo County)Pomona, MI (Manistee County)Pontchartrain Shores, MI (Mackinac County)Pontiac, MI (Oakland County)Port Dolomite, MI (Mackinac County)Port Oneida, MI (Leelanau County)Portage, MI (Kalamazoo County)Porter, MI (Midland County)Poseyville, MI (Midland County)Powers, MI (Menominee County)Prescott, MI (Ogemaw County)Princeton, MI (Marquette County)Prosper, MI (Missaukee County)Pulaski, MI (Jackson County)Raisin Center, MI (Lenawee County)Ramona, MI (Newaygo County)Rapid City, MI (Kalkaska County)Ravenna, MI (Muskegon County)Ray Center, MI (Macomb County)Reade, MI (Marquette County)Red Oak, MI (Oscoda County)Red Park, MI (Manistee County)Redstone, MI (Midland County)Reed City, MI (Osceola County)Reeman, MI (Newaygo County)Remus, MI (Mecosta County)Republic, MI (Marquette County)Rexton, MI (Mackinac County)Richland, MI (Kalamazoo County)Richmond, MI (Macomb County)Ridgeville, MI (Lenawee County)Ridgeway, MI (Lenawee County)Riga, MI (Lenawee County)Robbins, MI (Ontonagon County)Rochester, MI (Oakland County)Rochester Hills, MI (Oakland County)Rockford, MI (Kent County)Rockland, MI (Ontonagon County)Rodney, MI (Mecosta County)Rogers Location, MI (Iron County)Rolland Center, MI (Isabella County)Rollin, MI (Lenawee County)Rome Center, MI (Lenawee County)Romeo, MI (Macomb County)Roosevelt Park, MI (Muskegon County)Roots, MI (Jackson County)Rose City, MI (Ogemaw County)Rosebush, MI (Isabella County)Roseville, MI (Macomb County)Ross, MI (Kent County)Rothbury, MI (Oceana County)Rousseau, MI (Ontonagon County)Royal Oak, MI (Oakland County)Royston, MI (Montmorency County)Rudds Mill, MI (Oakland County)Rushton, MI (Livingston County)Rust, MI (Montmorency County)Rustford, MI (Mecosta County)Saint Anthony, MI (Monroe County)Saint Clair Haven, MI (Macomb County)Saint Elmo, MI (Midland County)Saint Huberts, MI (Oceana County)Samaria, MI (Monroe County)Sand Creek, MI (Lenawee County)Sands, MI (Marquette County)Sands Station, MI (Marquette County)Sandstone, MI (Jackson County)Sanford, MI (Midland County)Schomberg, MI (Leelanau County)Schoolcraft, MI (Kalamazoo County)Scofield, MI (Monroe County)Scott Lake, MI (Iron County)Scotts, MI (Kalamazoo County)Scottville, MI (Mason County)Sears, MI (Osceola County)Sebille Manor, MI (Macomb County)Segwun, MI (Kent County)Selkirk, MI (Ogemaw County)Selma, MI (Marquette County)Seneca, MI (Lenawee County)Seven Harbors, MI (Oakland County)Shady Shores, MI (Ogemaw County)Shafer Location, MI (Iron County)Sharon, MI (Kalkaska County)Sheffield, MI (Kent County)Shelby, MI (Oceana County)Shepherd, MI (Isabella County)Sheridan, MI (Montcalm County)Sherman City, MI (Isabella County)Sidney, MI (Montcalm County)Sigma, MI (Kalkaska County)Silver City, MI (Ontonagon County)Silverwood, MI (Lapeer County)Simmons, MI (Mackinac County)Sitka, MI (Newaygo County)Six Lakes, MI (Montcalm County)Skandia, MI (Marquette County)Skidway Lake, MI (Ogemaw County)Skookum, MI (Lake County)Sleepy Hollow, MI (Ontonagon County)Slocum, MI (Muskegon County)Smithville, MI (Kalkaska County)Snowshoe, MI (Keweenaw County)Snowville, MI (Marquette County)Solon, MI (Leelanau County)Solon Center, MI (Kent County)South Boardman, MI (Kalkaska County)South Branch, MI (Ogemaw County)South Fairfield, MI (Lenawee County)South Greenwood, MI (Marquette County)South Gull Lake, MI (Kalamazoo County)South Jackson, MI (Jackson County)South Lyon, MI (Oakland County)South Monroe, MI (Monroe County)South Rockwood, MI (Monroe County)Southfield, MI (Oakland County)Southland, MI (Lenawee County)Spalding, MI (Menominee County)Sparr, MI (Otsego County)Sparta, MI (Kent County)Spencer, MI (Kalkaska County)Spring Arbor, MI (Jackson County)Springport, MI (Jackson County)Springville, MI (Lenawee County)St. Clair Shores, MI (Macomb County)St. Ignace, MI (Mackinac County)Stager, MI (Iron County)Stanton, MI (Montcalm County)Stanwood, MI (Mecosta County)Star City, MI (Missaukee County)Steiner, MI (Monroe County)Stephenson, MI (Menominee County)Sterling Heights, MI (Macomb County)Stittsville, MI (Missaukee County)Stoney Point, MI (Jackson County)Stony Creek, MI (Monroe County)Stony Lake, MI (Oceana County)Stony Point, MI (Monroe County)Strasburg, MI (Monroe County)Strickland, MI (Isabella County)Stronach, MI (Manistee County)Sugar Grove, MI (Mason County)Sugar Loaf, MI (Marquette County)Sullivan, MI (Muskegon County)Summerton, MI (Isabella County)Suttons Bay, MI (Leelanau County)Swanson, MI (Menominee County)Swanzy, MI (Marquette County)Sylvan Beach, MI (Muskegon County)Sylvan Lake, MI (Oakland County)Sylvester, MI (Mecosta County)Taffeltown, MI (Kalkaska County)Talbot, MI (Menominee County)Tallman, MI (Mason County)Tecumseh, MI (Lenawee County)Teeterville, MI (Midland County)Temperance, MI (Monroe County)The Heights, MI (Jackson County)The Jackpines, MI (Iosco County)Thomas, MI (Oakland County)Thornville, MI (Lapeer County)Tipton, MI (Lenawee County)Titus, MI (Mecosta County)Tobin Location, MI (Iron County)Tompkins, MI (Jackson County)Topaz, MI (Ontonagon County)Torch River, MI (Kalkaska County)Traverse, MI (Keweenaw County)Trist, MI (Jackson County)Trout Creek, MI (Ontonagon County)Trowbridge Park, MI (Marquette County)Troy, MI (Oakland County)Trufant, MI (Montcalm County)Turk Lake, MI (Montcalm County)Turtle, MI (Iosco County)Tustin, MI (Osceola County)Twin Lake, MI (Muskegon County)Two Rivers, MI (Isabella County)Udell, MI (Manistee County)Unadilla, MI (Livingston County)Union Lake, MI (Oakland County)Updyke, MI (Muskegon County)Utica, MI (Macomb County)Vanderbilt, MI (Otsego County)Vandercook Lake, MI (Jackson County)Vega, MI (Menominee County)Vestaburg, MI (Montcalm County)Vick, MI (Marquette County)Vickeryville, MI (Montcalm County)Vicksburg, MI (Kalamazoo County)Victoria, MI (Ontonagon County)Vienna, MI (Monroe County)Village of Clarkston, MI (Oakland County)Vineyard Lake, MI (Jackson County)Virgil Location, MI (Iron County)Vogel Center, MI (Missaukee County)Volney, MI (Newaygo County)Wabaningo, MI (Muskegon County)Wainola, MI (Ontonagon County)Waldenburg, MI (Macomb County)Walhalla, MI (Mason County)Walker, MI (Kent County)Walkerville, MI (Oceana County)Wallace, MI (Menominee County)Walled Lake, MI (Oakland County)Walters, MI (Oakland County)Warren, MI (Macomb County)Wasas, MI (Ontonagon County)Washington, MI (Macomb County)Waterford, MI (Oakland County)Waterloo, MI (Jackson County)Waters, MI (Otsego County)Waterstone, MI (Oakland County)Weare, MI (Oceana County)Weidman, MI (Isabella County)Weimer, MI (Mason County)Wellston, MI (Manistee County)Wellsville, MI (Lenawee County)West Branch, MI (Ogemaw County)West Highland, MI (Oakland County)West Ishpeming, MI (Marquette County)West Monroe, MI (Monroe County)Westacres, MI (Oakland County)Western Location, MI (Iron County)Weston, MI (Lenawee County)Westville, MI (Montcalm County)Westwood, MI (Kalamazoo County)White Cloud, MI (Newaygo County)White Lake, MI (Oakland County)White Pine, MI (Ontonagon County)Whiteford Center, MI (Monroe County)Whitehall, MI (Muskegon County)Whitney, MI (Menominee County)Whitneyville, MI (Kent County)Whittemore, MI (Iosco County)Wic-a-te-wah, MI (Manistee County)Wilber, MI (Iosco County)Wilder Center, MI (Kent County)Wiley, MI (Mason County)Williamsville, MI (Livingston County)Wilson, MI (Menominee County)Windigo, MI (Keweenaw County)Winn, MI (Isabella County)Wise, MI (Isabella County)Witbeck, MI (Marquette County)Witch Lake, MI (Marquette County)Wixom, MI (Oakland County)Wobic, MI (Marquette County)Wolcott Mills, MI (Macomb County)Wolf Lake, MI (Muskegon County)Wolverine Lake, MI (Oakland County)Woodland Beach, MI (Monroe County)Woodland Park, MI (Newaygo County)Woods, MI (Isabella County)Wooster, MI (Newaygo County)Wyman, MI (Montcalm County)Wyoming, MI (Kent County)Yalmar, MI (Marquette County)Yargerville, MI (Monroe County)Yates, MI (Oakland County)Yorkville, MI (Kalamazoo County)Sitemap
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