1. Client fully understands that the Homeopathic treatment that is being offered are to aid in the management of health concerns. The client has requested alternative therapies from “The Pure Rx.”
  2. Client understands that Homeopathics are not a replacement for any medical treatments they are currently under-going. It is recommended by “The pure RX” that all current medical treatments for any or all of the health concerns should be sought upon their own health care provider.
  3. Client understands that Homeopathics do not cure medical conditions, illnesses or injuries but is being offered to aid in the relief of symptoms.
  4. clients understand they they will have no guarantees with respect to benefits or results that may or may not occur by using natural treatments.
  5. clients understands that “The Pure Rx” is not liable for any missed or failed medical diagnosis’s, treatments, or care of any illness, disorder, disease, or conditions clients may be suffering from at the time of treatment.

The health information which is provided within the VITAL / CEDSA software is without any representations or warranties express or implied. The developers/manufactures of the VITAL / CEDSA software/hardware make no representations, claims, or warranties in relation to the accuracy or content of the health information therein. The information found in the VITAL / CEDSA software is for educational, and research oriented, purposes only, thereby providing a source of knowledge people may access to aid in the maintenance of their own health. We disclaim any and all liability if the reader/user/client prescribes, or uses, any remedies, natural or otherwise, for him or another. We recommend that any, and all, users of this software/hardware, rely on the medical advice of a medical doctor or other professional healthcare provider and do not rely on information provided in this software/hardware as an alternative to such advice. If you have specific questions or concerns about a medical matter you should consult your doctor immediately. This agreement is binding and valid.

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