Order supplements through my Fullscript store.
  1. The client fully understands that the offered alternative treatment is to aid in managing health concerns. The client has requested alternative therapies from “The Pure Rx.”
  2. The client understands that alternative treatment does not replace any medical treatments they are currently undergoing. It is also recommended by “The Pure Rx” that all current medical treatments for any health concerns should continue to be followed up by their existing healthcare provider.
  3. The client understands that alternative treatment does not cure medical conditions, illnesses, or injuries but offers to aid in relieving symptoms.
  4. The client understands they will have no guarantees concerning benefits or results that may or may not occur by using natural treatments.
  5. The client understands that “The Pure Rx” is not liable for any missed or failed medical diagnosis, treatments, or care of any illness, disorder, disease, or condition clients may suffer during treatment.
  6. I understand and agree to a 48-hour cancellation policy. Appointments canceled within 48 hours will accrue a $50 fee, and I agree that a no-call and no-show will accrue the entire consultation fee.
  7. I understand that Dr. Mathew Jadan is only providing a nutritional consultation.
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