Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic Doctor and Professional Functional Doctor is Dr. Mathew Jadan.

Dr. Jadan is a three-time cancer survivor, Husband, and Dad. He has suffered and overcomes brain cancer (twice) and thyroid cancer. In his journey toward optimal health, he discovered the power of herbs. After undergoing intensive brain surgeries twice (2003 and 2006), Dr. Jadan took his health into his own hands when doctors told him that part of his brain tumor was irremovable. With the guidance of his naturopath, Dr. Jadan used herbs to dissolve what was left of his brain tumor entirely.

As if cancer wasn’t enough, Dr. Jadan had to self-diagnose himself with Lyme Disease because of the misdiagnosis of many physicians. He states that his fight with Lyme Disease led to his passion for naturopathy due to the general lack of understanding of it in conventional medicine. After seeing specialist after specialist, Dr. Jadan was beyond frustrated he wasn’t getting the proper treatment. His resilience in finding the root cause of his neuropathy, fevers, joint pain, gastrointestinal issues, and persistent flu-like symptoms while he faced them daily is remarkable. Dr. Jadan knows what it feels like to feel frustrated with his health, so he wants to help you avoid the years of pain he endured. Dr. Jadan is currently recovering from Lyme Disease through treatments, including a frequency generator that kills the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease.

Dr. Jadan’s experience and education make him a naturopath worth visiting. He hopes to revolutionize medicine by integrating the healing powers of naturopathy in a world that relies on treating symptoms instead of the root cause. Your health goals can be reached, and Dr. Jadan is here to help you achieve them!

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